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My Work

Dynamically updating the Divi Circle Counter

It’s no secret that I love designing websites with Divi from Elegant Themes. Divi powers this site,, and soon, the main site as well. I love Divi’s layout builders and wide array of customizable modules that look amazing together....

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Education: the secret weapon to change the world

61 million children worldwide don't have a primary school to go to. It's amazing to think that if all students in low-income countries could acquire basic reading skills, world poverty would be cut by 12%. Education is such a powerful force for all kinds of global...

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Regenstrief’s approach to licensing LOINC

Without a doubt, making LOINC freely available under an open license is a key factor in its adoption around the world. Although we often explain the basics of LOINC's license, I haven't written a lot about our approach. Recently, I received a thoughtful set of...

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