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Managing Scientific Paper Revisions in Scrivener

I have long professed my love of using Scrivener for writing scientific papers. Scrivener is a magnificent writing environment for academic papers once you get past the small initial learning curve. In other posts, I describe how I use a custom Scrivener template to...

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Getting started with LOINC’s API by FHIR

Regenstrief Institute has recently launched web services that make much of LOINC's terminology content available through the HL7 FHIR API. These services open up a whole new way to interact with LOINC programmatically. This tutorial will help you get started with...

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School construction update

We just got an update from the Building Tomorrow Community Development Officer who is on site at the Mwiguru primary school supported by Project Secret Weapon’s Build-a-School campaign. The school construction is making great progress! It is wonderful to see the...

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