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Converting and validating units of measure

Making health data interoperable across different IT systems requires a few kinds of standards. Exchange standards like HL7's Version 2, CDA, and FHIR are key to organizing information into a commonly understood structure as it moves between systems. Vocabulary...

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Grouping data coded with LOINC

Grouping data coded with similar LOINC codes isn't as easy as it first seems. Perhaps you are processing data from many sources for a research project in a network like PCORnet or ODHSI. Or, maybe you're retrieving data to fulfill a quality measure report. There are...

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Tracking Edits to LOINC terms

Each new LOINC® release that Regenstrief publishes contains many edits to LOINC terms. About 7,000 terms were edited in version 2.61 and about 11,000 in version 2.58. That's a lot of change every six months! How is it that all those edits don't cause havoc to users...

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