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School construction is underway in Mwiguru!

We are so excited to share that Project Secret Weapon's Build-a-School campaign has been matched to the Building Tomorrow Primary School of Mwiguru! As you can see, the school is in the early stages of construction. Mwiguru is in Masindi District of western Uganda....

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Project Secret Weapon Phase 1: Mission Accomplished!

We are so excited to announce that we have met out our goal for Project Secret Weapon to raise $30,000 in 2017. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this awesome adventure! Closing out 2017 by Celebrating the Success of Project Secret Weapon We couldn’t...

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Using Custom LOINC Subsets in RELMA

Almost no one needs all 87,000+ LOINC terms. Many countries that have adopted LOINC curate a nationally-approved list of LOINC terms for use in their jurisdiction. For example, LOINC subsets can help filter out all the mass-based LOINC terms that aren’t needed in a...

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