We are so excited to share that Project Secret Weapon’s Build-a-School campaign has been matched to theĀ Building Tomorrow Primary School of Mwiguru!

As you can see, the school is in the early stages of construction.


Mwiguru is in Masindi District of western Uganda. Through household surveys, Building Tomorrow’s Needs Assessment team determined that there are 420 primary school age children living in the four villages surrounding the school site. Of those children, 234 are not in school. The other children attend a school that does not have a permanent structure.

Building Tomorrow Primary School of Mwiguru

The new Building Tomorrow Primary School of Mwiguru will be a safe structure for students from the surrounding four villages, serving children from nursery school (called baby class in Uganda) through 7th grade.

As you can see, construction on the new site is well underway!

As you can see from the the floor plan below, this school will be a tremendous resource for these students. We’re excited to see our dream start to take shape, and very much looking forward to later this summer when we hope to visit this community and its brand new, fully-operational school.