61 million children worldwide don’t have a primary school to go to. It’s amazing to think that if all students in low-income countries could acquire basic reading skills, world poverty would be cut by 12%.

Education is such a powerful force for all kinds of global good. As parents of young kids who have been blessed with great teachers, we see the positive transformations happening right before our eyes. It’s why my family is passionate about helping more children have access to quality education.

We believe that education can change the world, and are inviting you to join us on Project Secret Weapon.

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The Uneducated Me

I’ve tried to imagine who I would have become without my education. To be honest, it’s almost impossible.

No faculty position, no fellowship, no masters degree, no doctorate degree, no bachelors degree, no high school, no elementary school. Would I really be me?

I mean, of course I’d still be me. But, so much about who I am, who I know, and how I now see the unique contribution I can make to world was shaped by that long, serendipitous journey.

Without access to such an amazing education, I wouldn’t have developed an insatiable thirst for learning, wouldn’t have traveled, wouldn’t have met the more lovely Dr. Vreeman, wouldn’t have the same health outlook, and certainly wouldn’t have the professional work I’m so passionate about.

What about you? Take a minute to think about what your life would be like if you never had a school to go to.

To help imagine how your life would be different without the opportunity to go to school, head over to uneducate.me.

It’s a great tool for contemplating what could have been another outcome.

The more lovely Dr. Vreeman and I at our graduation from the Duke University DPT program way back in 2003.

Meet a new "you"

What if you never went to school…

You’re invited: Project Secret Weapon

When we reflected on our own education and began to appreciate how significant a challenge the lack of access to education was for others, my family decided we need to do something about it. Our approach: Project Secret Weapon.

We are partnering with the Indy-based non-profit Building Tomorrow to build a primary school in rural Uganda. Building Tomorrow partners with local communities and the Ugandan government to create access to quality schools in hard-to-reach areas. They have a great track record and an effective model. My family and I are committing 2017 to raising the $30,000 it takes to build a school for up to 315 children.

We’d love for you to join us.

This holiday season, you too can give the Best. Gift. Ever.

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Let's build a school together