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Dr. Daniel Vreeman is an Assistant Research Professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and a Research Scientist at the Regenstrief Institute, Inc. Dr. Vreeman’s primary research focus is on the role of standardized clinical vocabularies to support electronic health information exchange. As Associate Director for Terminology Services at Regenstrief he directs the development of LOINC, an international standard for laboratory and clinical observations, and provides leadership and oversight to terminology services that undergird the Indiana Network for Patient Care, a regional health information exchange in central Indiana. Dr. Vreeman also teaches medical informatics at Indiana University.

My personal vision is to use my unique talents and expertise to help create a seamless network of health systems and data to deliver on the promise of optimal health for all.


Dr. Vreeman received a BA in Biological Sciences from Cornell University, and a DPT from Duke University. He completed a two year NLM-sponsored Medical Informatics Research Fellowship at the Regenstrief Institute, Inc, which is associated with the Indiana University School of Medicine. While an informatics fellow, Dr. Vreeman also earned a MS in Clinical Research with an emphasis on medical informatics, through the NIH-funded Clinical Investigator Training Enhancement (CITE) program.

Dr. Vreeman joined the faculty of Indiana University in 2005, first in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and now in the School of Medicine. Dr. Vreeman was also appointed a Research Scientist at theRegenstrief Institute, Inc. in 2005.

Teaching Experience

Dr. Vreeman’s teaches medical informatics at Regenstrief and IU. He previously taught P645 Evidence-based Critical Inquiry II and co-instructed P513 – Functional Anatomy and Clinical Biomechanics.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Vreeman has worked as a generalist on the inpatient wards at two level I trauma center hospitals in Indianapolis.

Research Interests

Research is a major component of Dr. Vreeman’s role at IU and Regenstrief, where he has focused on improving healthcare through the use of information technology. In particular, Dr. Vreeman is interested in standardized clinical vocabularies to support electronic health information exchange. Dr. Vreeman leads the development of the international standard, called LOINC, at Regenstrief.


Dr. Vreeman is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association where he is active in the Sections of Health Policy and Administration, Education, and Research. Dr. Vreeman currently serves as the President of the Technology Special Interest Group of the APTA HPA section. Dr Vreeman is also a member of the American Medical Informatics Association. He directs the development the Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC) vocabulary at Regenstrief.

Presentations and Publications

Dr. Vreeman has presented his work at local, regional, national, and international meetings in physical therapy and medical informatics. Visit the bibliography section of this website for current contributions.

Personal Interests

Dr. Vreeman enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing basketball, exploring computers and technology, and many music-related activities, including playing bass guitar.